Accommodation rules

House rules of the apartment house Villa Kollár for accommodated guests.

In order for us to ensure a pleasant stay and avoid possible misunderstandings, we ask you to read the house rules carefully. By confirming the reservation, you also confirm that you have read the house rules, agree with them and you will fully adhere to it during your stay. Failure to comply with the house rules may be a reason to cancel your reservation and settle the full price of the stay, regardless of the forced earlier departure from the building. As the apartment house Villa Kollár is not only intended for short-term accommodation, the apartments are also used for permanent use of apartment owners, upon arrival at the building the client is obliged to hand over to the landlord personal documents of all accommodated persons (passports or identity cards). The client is also obliged to pay the remaining amount of the reservation to the landlord. The landlord is obliged to return the client's personal documents as soon as the accommodated persons have registered for the stay, no later than within 24 hours.

During the stay, the landlord will provide the client with all the information and assistance the client needs. We recommend that the client immediately notify the landlord of any comments on the quality of accommodation.

The client is responsible for maintaining order and cleanliness in the accommodation unit as well as in the common areas of the building. The landlord is not obliged to clean or remove garbage from the accommodation unit during the client's stay.

The landlord is not responsible for the organization of leisure and animation of the client.

The client is responsible for the security of his personal belongings and valuables, which he has stored in the accommodation unit. The landlord is not responsible for their possible loss, so we recommend that the client, when leaving the accommodation unit, unconditionally locks the door and closes the windows.

The landlord does not have the right to enter the reserved accommodation unit in the absence of the client. Exceptions are only exceptional circumstances in which it is necessary to enter the accommodation unit in order to avert danger or possible damage. The landlord must inform the client about entering the accommodation unit at the first subsequent contact. In case of a legitimate doubt of the landlord that damage was caused to his property, the client is obliged to allow the landlord to enter the accommodation unit and check its condition.

The client can bring a pet to the accommodation unit only with the permission of the landlord. Arrival with an unannounced pet1, which is not allowed by the landlord in this case, has the right to cancel the client's reservation.

It is not allowed to bring weapons, flammable and explosive substances, or substances with a strong or unpleasant odor into the building.

The client is obliged to ensure that during his stay he does not damage the furniture and equipment both in the interior of the accommodation unit and in the exterior of the building. It is not allowed to move furniture between the rooms of the accommodation unit or transfer the interior equipment of the other accommodation unit, outside the building or to the surrounding meadow (chairs from the kitchen to the terrace, dishes and cutlery to another accommodation unit, deck chairs from the terrace, etc.)

Use of premises and equipment that are not located directly in the accommodation unit, e.g. loggia of the apartment (grill, etc.) is allowed only with the consent of the landlord.

When leaving the accommodation unit, the client is obliged to turn off the lights, electrical appliances and close the water taps during the stay. Cooling of food and drinks with running water is not permitted. It is also forbidden to throw garbage in the toilet, sink and other places that are not designed for it, both in the accommodation unit and in the yard and around the building.

The client may not use appliances with higher electricity consumption (iron, hair dryer, etc.) without the permission of the landlord, it is also forbidden to burn candles in accommodation units.

Access to the interior and exterior of the accommodation unit is allowed only to persons who have booked accommodation in the building. If it is confirmed that there are unannounced persons in the building, the landlord has the right to cancel the entire reservation without the client's right to compensation. Persons staying in neighboring buildings, which are not owned by the landlord, can visit the accommodation unit only with the express consent of the landlord.

The client who causes damage to the landlord during the stay in the building is obliged to compensate the damage in full. The landlord may require the client to pay a deposit. The deposit for the booked accommodation unit is paid on the day of arrival and is returned to the client in full on the day of departure from the accommodation unit, if during the stay the client did not cause any property damage to the landlord.

If the client cannot start the accommodation by 16:00, he is obliged to inform the landlord in advance about a later arrival to the building. Otherwise, after 18:00, the landlord has the right to provide accommodation to substitute clients.
On the day of departure, the client is obliged to leave the accommodation unit by 11:00 am so that the landlord can prepare it for clients who come to the accommodation unit at 14:00. The client is obliged to leave the booked accommodation unit in the same condition in which it was taken over upon arrival - undamaged and clean.

The time between 22:00 and 08:00 is for night rest and the time between 14:00 and 17:00 for afternoon rest. At that time, it is recommended to limit the noise so that the client does not bother other residents, neighbors or landlords.
Accommodation may be canceled for a client who does not follow the rules of the house rules and disturbs the peace in the building. If the landlord cancels the client's accommodation due to violation of the rules of the house, the client, regardless of shortening the stay in the building, has no right to a refund of the price paid.

Upon arrival at the accommodation, the client confirms that he is familiar with the house rules and agrees with the obligations and conditions that are stated in the house rules. All disputes that cannot be resolved with the owner will be resolved by police or court intervention. Complaints are only taken into account if they are reported during the stay. Additional claims will not be accepted.